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Curb Appeal: How to Update the Front of Your Home

Curb Appeal: How to Update the Front of Your Home

A new look to the front of your home is one of the main improvements that homeowners should consider first before anything else.  Improving the exterior look of your home is an investment that will increase the value of your home tremendously.

Your home represents you and your family’s lifestyle.  The front of your home is the first thing people see when visiting, so wouldn’t it make sense to create an inviting first impression to your lifestyle.

There are so many different ways that you can update the look of your house but before you start throwing money into new ideas there may be a few things that can be done for less money and some investment in your time.

Basic Maintenance

The most basic things that can be done first without spending much money is to clean, maintain or fix any problem areas in the landscaping or on the house itself.  But be careful because some repairs may not even be worth it to repair.  For example old rotted wood or cracked concrete walkways should just be replaced but something like large overgrown shrubs may be able to be trimmed.  If you have a lot of landscaping then you possibly may be able to transplant many of the plants which can update the look.  After landscaping, a new paint job may be the biggest and most inexpensive way to update an exterior.  Stick to a two or three color palette for the siding, trim, and accent areas.  Use the darker color as an accent.

Install a New Walkway

Add a new walkway with flares and curves to create an inviting entryway to the home.  Some materials you can add for a new walkway include stamped concrete, pavers, and natural stone.  Your walkway can have flares at end or even a landing that sets the stage for entry into a larger area.  A standard walkway width about 3’ wide however making a walkway wider than that can be very accommodating and extremely comfortable.  If you have a second entranceway to a garage or another room then you can add an extension so the each transition from each area will be smooth and look great.



Overlay an Existing Concrete Porch or Stoop

Adding an overlaying material on a concrete porch or stoop can make the entrance to your front door looks amazing.  There are plenty of materials that can be used.   You can do something as simple as adding an epoxy paint to doing something as beautiful and durable as adding Techo Bloc overlaying paving material.  Before doing anything make sure that all prep work to the existing concrete is done properly.

Add Lighting

If you currently have only one ceiling light in the center of your entry or front porch, consider upgrading your lighting by adding surface-mounted lanterns.   If you have a walkway, consider adding path lighting which not only adds beauty but also for nighttime safety.  Up lighting or down lighting installed near or on the house can really light up the exterior of your home.  If you have trees or really nice specialty plants then you can add spotlighting or special tree lighting to these plants to highlight them as well.

Adding Trim and Moulding

Add new trim and moulding to beautify areas around doors, windows, walls, and overhangs.  Installing trim and moulding around several windows and a door can create harmony and look elegant.   Choose trim that complements the architectural look and style of your house.  Adding trim and moulding with a paint job to the existing siding can really enhance your curb appeal.

Add or Update Columns

Exterior columns are sometimes load-bearing or purely decorative. They add detail to a porch or veranda and can make your entry a defined destination. There are different shapes and styles of columns that reinforce or enhance specific architectural styles.  You can get column wrap to wrap around existing column or column sleeves to slide over a new column that is being put in.  Trim an moulding to any column will make it stand out.  Another style is to use a stone wrap, with either a real stone or fake stone.  If you have a long walkway then you can add stone pillars to the entrance of your walkway and driveway, then mimic that style to any existing columns near the house.

A front walkway and landscaping create curb appeal

Add Smaller Details

Add new hardware to your doors.

Try concealing eye sores such as meters, trash bins, and hoses with plants, planters, or some kind of a custom made wood or vinyl fence.

You can also add an elegant looking house number somewhere near the entrance.

Add potted plant, hanging basket, and window basket for seasonal color.

Something as simple as choosing a screen door with decorative trim can have an impact on the look of your house and require no additional installation.

Existing shutters can be painted as the same color of the door and any trim work.

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