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Introducing Bulbs To Your Landscape

The early spring landscape sometimes seems to be forgotten in the succession of seasons throughout one’s landscape.  Many houses produce spring bulbs, however most of them seem to neglect the fact that bulbs are apart of the landscape.  A large splash of unorganized yellow daffodils can be a beautiful site when all other plants are still showing signs of dormancy, however a rhythm of yellow, purple, blue, and white flowers lining your walkway with reds and oranges popping out of the planting beds in between evergreens and underneath trees would make anybody stop and look twice.


Make sure your landscape is the first house to introduce spring and welcome it with style by combining different types of bulbs of different colors.  Some popular bulbs include; Crocus, Hyacinth, Daffodils and Tulips.  These bulbs can be planted anytime in the fall before the ground freezes.  Planting them in the fall instead of the spring allows them to establish a strong root system before the ground freezes.


This fall, don’t forget to incorporate bulbs into your landscape.  Make sure the locations are identified in relation to other plants so that bulbs don’t get accidentally damaged or removed in other landscaping chores.


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