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Our Outdoor Living Design Process

Every property has it’s own unique potential.  Careful planning aids in the designing process to ensure that this potential has been met.  Designing begins with an analysis of the property.  We first note the location of the property and the lay of the land. Measurements and pictures are taken throughout the entire property.  We take notice and discuss with the client any current site issues and existing materials that currently lay on or around the property.  We take note of any access points and existing utilities that surround the area.

Our goal in the design process is to satisfy the clients needs and wants with implementing an artistic and open-minded plan to the outdoor project.  After a full site analysis and idea exchange with the clients, we start the planning on pen and paper and eventually transfer results to our 3D Landscape Design software.

Once the plan is finalized, we make an appointment with the client to come into our showroom for a Presentation of Design.  The presentation consists of a 3D virtual tour of a computer-generated version of your property.  At the completion of the virtual tour, we take time to discuss and go over the presented materials and costs associated with the design. Since most designs contain quite a bit of different elements and materials, small changes may be necessary.  We like to discuss any uncertainties with our clients and make any changes that the client would like to see.  Our goal in finalizing the design process is to make sure that our clients are excited about their new outdoor living space.



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