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Belushko Case Study

An Outdoor Living Dream Come True


Our clients were looking to have a complete backyard renovation that included a shaded area, fire pit, and an area for grilling and dining.


The backyard for our project had an existing patio and walkway that lead s to the driveway.  It was made out of regular concrete and was just a typical square patio and straight walkway.

The back of the house faces south and gets full sun most of the day from spring through fall.  A few large trees further in the backyard may prevent some winter sunlight from reaching.

The terrain drops a few feet just past the existing patio.  It drops about a foot per 20’ into the back and about a foot per 10’ on the eastern side.


We removed the existing walkway and patio and created a top tier dining area large enough to fit a grill and large table.  We added a set of steps on the southeastern side of the patio.  These three steps lead to a shaded pergola area with lounge sofas and a coffee table.   This lower patio extends  into the middle of the backyard with a fire pit area that includes a wood burning Techo Bloc Valencia fire pit and Mini Creta seating wall.





The plan we had only called for the hardscape but while the project went on our client had asked if we can get large boulders and mound up the beds with the native soil so that he can add plants and mulch at a later time to complete the project.  We were glad to assist and help him finish his dream backyard. Large, mounded landscape beds that included a variety of colorful shrubs and perennials were added a few weeks later to create this beautiful outdoor living retreat.

Stamped Concrete Pattern:  Large slate pattern

Stamped Concrete Color Combination:  Beige Crème Integral Color and Color hardener with a Pecan Release

Signature Concrete Design Signature Landscape Design

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