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Hanobeck Case Study

Trex Deck and Stamped Concrete Patio Design and Installation

LOCATION: Bethlehem, PA

Our clients recently bought a home in a community we have done work in previously.   They received our company  recommendation from neighbors that had our services in the past.  We met our client on site after an email exchange and phone conversation about what they were looking to do and how we can help.  After a brief discussion, they were ready to transform their backyard!


Their lot is fairly larger than the other properties we worked on in that community.  The terrain in the front of the house is at first floor level and there is a slope on both sides of the house that goes down into the backyard so that the basement door is at ground level with the existing ground.  The backyard has a slight slope to allow for water to drain on the east side of the property.   The backyard faces south and gets full sun all year.  The backyard is visible from traffic however the house is locate too far away for any roadway sound to be bothersome.


Our clients wanted us to create deck and patio space that allowed for plenty of room to host family and friends.  The showed us and example showing the amount of space and the materials the were considering.    The space on the deck needed to give them enough room to eat and relax outside and the space they wanted for the patio would be dedicated for a hot tub and fire pit with extra space to have a table or lounge area.  They requested to use the least amount of deck posts but maximize the space of the deck.     They also wanted to explore the connecting the outdoor space to the driveway for direct access.


A landscape design is carefully planned around the existing site conditions and the wish list of the client.  We came up with a backyard design for a deck and patio that makes sense and looks fabulous.    The design consisted of a deck going out 16 feet from the house and 26 feet wide.  While in the process of  designing a deck we came up with several ideas to make access from the driveway side of the house with the deck.  One of the possibilities was to separate the landing from the deck and install a Trex walkway with stairs.  Although the second access part did not formulate, the design stayed and the possibility of a third phase may incorporate that plan.

The patio shape is custom shaped to fit a circular fire pit area. The fire pit area is bumped out to a point that any open flames would be far enough to the deck to not cause concern.  We shadowed the firepit area with another curve in a similar size radius.  Both curves in the patio are isolated from the landscape area with a decorative seating wall.


The deck and patio design we created came to life just as planned. We started with excavation for the stamped concrete patio first.   While doing the patio we had the footers for the deck dug and inspected for the deck install that would be coming in a second phase soon after.  The stamped concrete patio we installed is about 975 square foot. The walls that surround the two rounded areas in the patio measure at about 12 foot and 16 foot lengths.  Both walls have integral hardscape lights incorporated into the underside of the wall cap

Shortly after the patio was complete our client decided to move forward with the construction of the Trex deck.   We created a 420 square foot Trex Deck that included a custom color scheme the client picked out.  The deck is lighted nicely using Trex step riser lights, Trex post lights, and Trex post cap lights.    Right after the deck was installed, the landscaping around the patio was put in.  The project was completed with possibly third phase down the road to create the access from the driveway.


STAMPED CONCRETE COLOR:  Terra Cotta over Buff colored base

DECK:   Trex Transcend Decking in Havana Gold with Spiced Rum accent perimeter. Trex Transcend Railing in Vintage Lantern with White posts and black aluminum balusters.

WALL:   Minicreta champlain gray with Architectural Cap



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