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Jancar Case Study

A Three-Tier Stamped Concrete Patio with Walkways Project

LOCATION: Easton, Pennsylvania


Having just finished renovating their home, the Jancars were looking to add an outdoor living area that would serve their needs and fit their budget. There was some urgency to the project due to drainage issues that developed after the construction of a new addition. The flow they were trying to create was to a new front entrance and driveway area to the backyard.  The backyard has three different access areas to get into the house.  A new patio had to span the distance from the first house entrance to the last.  Also, the concrete needed to be up against the house to help divert rain water away.   The yard has a consistent pitch with a four to five foot elevation change from one side to the other.


The Jancars wish list included an open entertaining area with no walls to separate the space. The entertaining area needed an area for a grill and a possible outdoor kitchen area in the future.  They wanted to use the space for weekly gatherings with family and friends during the warmer months so we had to provide extra room for a comfortable flow from space to space.


Our design began with a stamped concrete walkway leading from their new driveway to the outdoor living area in the back of the home. The walkway curved around a boulder retaining wall and entered the largest section of the three-tier curved stamped concrete patio via a short set of steps.

We carefully planned the multi-level patio to ensure unobstructed traffic circulation from the many entry and exit points in the space as well as their furniture spacing requirements. The patio’s first circular tier provided a perfectly-sized area to install their dining and entertaining furniture.

The patio design’s middle tier became a smaller circular area which holds an intimate dining space with a bistro table. From the middle tier, we created three steps to the bottom circular tier of the patio. This tier became the Jancar’s outdoor grilling area.

The multi-tier stamped concrete design allowed us to take advantage of the Jancar’s entire space in a useful and graceful manner while providing them with functional open entertaining and relaxing spaces.


After we added a few boulders to help naturally retain problem areas, the Jancars planted their own landscaping and installed landscape lighting.


THE STAMPED CONCRETE COLOR COMBINATION: Classic Gray Integral Color and Color Hardener with a Charcoal Release

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