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McCormick Case Study

Two Tier Stamped Concrete Patio

LOCATION: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Our client’s property is located in a newly developed neighborhood in the northern part of the Lehigh Valley.  The house sits at a high point on the lot.  The backyard extends over a hundred feet and has a slight, consistent slope.  The backyard is all grass and it gets full sun all day.  The driveway location is a located on the side and access to the patio will come from there.  The back door is over two feet  above ground level and by the time we do a cut and fill with the patio space then the final grade will end making it a few inches more than it is.


Our clients specifically came to us for our stamped concrete and design services.  They had seen a project we did a few years ago and wanted to do something similar.  The project they liked had a deck landing with angles that connected the back door to the patio.


We created two tier patio design that incorporates a Trex Decking landing and staircase that connects the sliding door with the outdoor living space.  The staircase sits at a 45 degree with the house and it lands on the top tier of the patio.  The top tier is an area of about 350 sf with a curved walkway and landscaping that connects to the bilco door and the driveway.  The bottom tier of the patio is larger is broken out into two areas.  The main space is a lounging area that will eventually get a pergola.  The other area contains a fire pit and a seating wall.


STAMPED CONCRETE PATTERN:  Large Slate for the Bottom Tier; Fractured Earth for the Top Tier and the Walkway

STAMPED CONCRETE COLOR:  Straw Integral with Slate Gray

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