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Stamped Concrete Pool Deck and Paver Patio Installation Project

LOCATION: Wind Gap, Pennsylvania


Our clients have a large backyard with an existing concrete patio that is good condition.   Beyond the concrete is a very large backyard that slightly slopes away into the distance woodland edge, approximately 500 feet away.  The backyard is surrounded by full privacy with the sides also being slightly wooded, enough so that the neighbors are barely visible.  The back yard sits north facing and there is an existing deck that goes from end to end.  The deck would need to be slightly modified.  There exists a sloped brick walkway surrounded with shrubbery that connects the driveway with the concrete patio.


Our clients came to us with some of their own ideas and layout already in place.  They needed a contractor that can make all the areas flow properly.  The main feature was to be a roman-end style fiber glass pool that has a pool shed located at the far end.  They asked for proper space around the pool area to add all types of furniture.  They wanted the  existing concrete area to be either removed and replaced or to be overlaid with pavers or concrete. In our expert opinion we believed that the current condition was suitable for it.    They wanted an area dedicated for some bar style seating and an outdoor kitchen.  They wanted the existing concrete patio and the new pool area to connect properly to the walkway coming down from the driveway.  They also asked to add vinyl wrapping around the deck posts as well.


The fiberglass pool was installed at a height that would allow for one single tiered space throughout. This means that the backside of the pool area would be much higher than the existing ground and would be built up with extra soil that gradually slopes into the existing backyard.  We felt the existing concrete was in good shape and adding a Techo Bloc paver overlay would be best for that area.   We installed a stamped concrete pool area using a color that complimented the pavers.   To break up the large area we added some pillars and on one side of the pool we added a decorative sitting wall to balance out the hardscape and make it more appealing to the eye.  We removed some of the existing paver walkway and extended a stamped concrete walkway that split to connect both the walkway and the new paver patio area.  As you walk down the old walkway you enter the new space. To the left in the new space is a dining area that includes a Techo Bloc pillar L shaped table top area with granite as the counter top. The right side of the new space offers direct access to the pool area with several different style seating options around the pool.  We added a nice wide opening between the two main spaces so that everything feels as one large space instead two separate spaces.


STAMPED CONCRETE PATTERN:  Roman Slate Textured Stamp

STAMPED CONCRETE COLOR:  Terra Cotta over Buff colored base

PAVERS:   Blu60 champlain gray for main block with Villagio charcoal for the border

PILLARS AND WALL:   Minicreta champlain gray with charcoal York cap on the pillars and champlain gray colored architectural cap on the wall

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