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4 Reliable Shrubs to Add Color around Your Patio and Walkway

The amount of different shrubs available in the Lehigh Valley is tremendous and it can be overwhelming when trying to add the perfect plants for any area of your property. What plants to use against the house may be different than plants that do best along a walkway.  Knowing the growth habit as well as the light requirements is a great start in understanding which plants will do best for a certain location.  For plants around a patio, you may want consider a few other factors before selecting what you should use. Since most patios are used as gathering, then using plants that provide beautiful colors and long lasting blooms throughout the patio season is a must for plant design around your patio.  Here are few reliable deciduous shrubs that we have found great success with in the past.

Spirea – These ornamental shrubs burst with clusters of flowers throughout summer.  Leaf colors vary from deep green to yellowish and some varieties have amazing fall colors.   Most varieties will full sun and some shade.

Double Knockout Rose – The long lasting reddish blooms of this shrub never get old.  Unlike other types of roses this shrub does not get straggly or out of control.  It is a great shrub that will add a valentine red color from May until frost.

Hydrangea – Hydrangeas are great fill in plants for semi shady areas and some may thrive in full shade.  Some Hydrangeas can get larger than others, so selecting the right Hydrangea for the space is the key to making sure these late bloomers fit nicely next to your patio.

Weigela – These brilliant shrubs burst into action in late spring with pink, red, lavender colored funnel-shaped flowers.  Leaf color also depends on variety.  Although this will thrive in some shade, full sun will ensure longer lasting, beautiful blooms.

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