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Stain, Paint, or Adding Epoxy: Determining Which Concrete Coating Product to Use

Stain, Paint, or Adding Epoxy:  Determining Which Concrete Coating Product to Use

Do you have concrete around your home that needs to get an updated look ?  Well, there are several ways that you can go about making it look great again.  Determining which material you should apply depends on several things; where you will be applying it, the look you are trying to achieve, and the current state of the material.

Concrete Paints

Concrete paint is an opaque material that covers the surface of old concrete. This covering protects the concrete from moisture and stains however, over time; the material is prone to chipping.  The preparation for this material requires a lot of work and it must be prepared properly for the maximum durability.  Concrete paints should be used in areas where the concrete needs sealing and protection.  You can also use paints over areas that may be damaged or where it has stained surfaces.

Concrete Stains

Concrete stain is a translucent material that comes in two different types; reactive stains and nonreactive stains.  The reactive stains cause a chemical reaction with the concrete when applied.  This chemical reaction creates a variegated color tone.  The stain forms a chemical bond that is permanent.   Nonreactive stains act more like a paint but still translucent.  There is no chemical reaction and the look has a more consistent color tone.  Concrete stains are best used on concrete that doesn’t have much or any flaws at all.  Since the application is translucent then any blemished that exist may be noticeable.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is popular used as a garage floor coating because of its durability and resistance to almost anything.  Preparation is simple and they do not require any special primer or sealer.  Epoxy coatings act like a thick glue and they leave a partially shiny appearance as the end result.  The color combinations and styles are endless.  Epoxies should be used in areas of heavy use, such as work areas or garages.

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