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Watering During Dry Times

The summer months may bring times of dry spells and watering may be required to help your plants survive.  After a few days without rain you will first notice that the grass will start to brown.  Next, smaller perennials with shallow root systems will begin to look dried up and stop flowering. Larger perennials and shrubs will start to look unhealthy and sluggish.  They could stop flowering quicker than normal or not flower at all depending on the time of year it is.  Newly planted plants and annuals don’t have the root system in tact to reach further into the soil for water so they will possibly die quick.

Plants need water to push up nutrients so that photosynthesis can take its course.  The more water that is taken in, then the more energy the plant has.  A plants health is determined on how much water it requires to how much it actually receives.  All plants have a maximum or a minimum amount of water that they can take.

Local nurseries will carry plants that can thrive in our area.  Once planted, nature will do its course in helping this plant survive, however, a dry spell can kill a plant for the season very quickly.

When the summer months are upon us and a few days go by without any significant rainfall, make sure action is taken and water your plants.  When watering the plants make sure no water is wasted.  Soak the plant in one constant spray in an area that should be wide enough for the current root balls.  Dry times should be a time for only keeping the plant alive, not growing.  Water the plants with shallow roots more frequently but for less time than larger plants.  Keep an eye on local water restrictions if drought occurs and only water necessary plants if need be.



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