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Winter: The Forgotten Month in Landscaping


The last heat wave has come and gone.  All the perennials have died off.   Any yellow, orange, or red leaves that remain on the trees begin to relinquish enough strength to stay atop its limbs any longer.  And once the mums fade, most color is gone.   The signs of winter have arrived.

Evergreen plants will dominate the landscape for the winter.  They display colors such as shades of blue, light to dark greens, and gold or yellow.  The shapes and sizes vary from tall, conical pines to small, round spruces.  Some plants, both deciduous and evergreen, support colorful berries that become more noticeable once a white blanket of snow surrounds the area.  Berries will introduce wildlife into the scene; giving your landscape an active feeling that otherwise may be lost without this element.  The bark from some trees and shrubs add interest from unique textures that may be overlooked every other season.  The trunks and branches can offer structural significance to a landscape.  The way a tree branches out or how an evergreen was trimmed earlier in the season may add to this interest.

Finally, ornamental grasses and even some tall perennials can be key contributors to the winter landscape because of the height they can display.  While some grasses may be able to retain their true colors for quite a while, some present a beautiful gold or bronze color for the winter months.

Whether planning to add to your garden or planning an entire new design, try and consider the forgotten winter season into your plans. Planning a landscape with winter interest will add an element to your landscape that stands above the rest for the entire winter season.


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